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Monday, 3 February 2014

Brain Injuries Threaten The Patient's Life - Mike's Research

Scientists said that permanent changes occur in the brain among those wounded severely in the head, such as that sustained by Michael Schumacher, the former world champion in motor racing Formula 1, making them more susceptible to dementia and early death.

Experts said the brain that most medical institutions have failed to see the link between the wounds caused by the brain injury and the consequences of mentality in the long run may make patients fall prey to depression, behavioral problems and even crime.

Might be Schumacher luckier because Champion Athletic Three surrounded by his family and friends and doctors, but changes will occur on the brain and he will have to accept them and adapt them.

Study found that published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the survivors of the wounds caused by brain injuries are three times more likely to die early and often death occurs as a result of suicide or fatal accidents. The specific reasons for the increase risk of premature death - and as you know the study of death before the age of 56 years - is not clear.

Also becomes the survivors of the wounds caused by traumatic brain injury three times more likely to die from fatal injuries may be due to a defect in the judgment or reactions. In addition to this it becomes
infected more susceptible to disorder myself, such as depression and anxiety, which could lead to difficulties in handling patients with new situations and organize their lives.

Spoke wounds caused by traumatic brain injury as a result of a blow to the head lead to a skull fracture or internal bleeding or loss of consciousness for more than an hour or these symptoms all together.

Experts say the traditional causes of this type of wounds, including road accidents, fall and sports injuries, although the injury Schumacher, which occurred when bumped his head a rock while skiing in the French Alps example of this type of wound.

Small Calcifications Onset Breast Cancer - Review By Mike Walden

An Acne Expert Mike Walden also research about “Breast Cancer” and give his reviews that Point’s to calcium that you find in the breast tissue on the body calcifications different types, but they are beginning to develop breast cancer depending on the kind.  To combat breast tumors, that there are two types of calcification (point’s calcium), which calcifications large and small are located within the tissue, and these calcifications were not felt by the physician or the patient is detected by mammogram.

Shows that calcification large not there are any fear and be a result of age, and infect these calcifications about half of all women over the age of fifty years, and infect 10% for those less than the age of fifty, pointing out that these calcifications were not the result of eating large amounts of calcium, but as a result of changes in the body to age.

Adds advisory rays of the breast that calcification small are found in abundance in the first forty years at what age another, where it did not exist the reasons leading to the occurrence they appear inside the channels lactase and its presence leads to renew fast in cells, indicating that the presence of points of calcium small sometimes be a sign of the beginning of breast cancer in the case of the presence of the radiologist analyzed and examined. Indicate that when the show calcifications small clustered in small groups and scattered, it is evidence of the onset of breast cancer, when the existence of these gatherings is the analysis with a needle or by surgery to determine its place by wire Indicative, and in the case of the discovery that the tumor is removed the part that has a Sintering is analyzed glands under the armpit and takes treatment depending on the analysis of Pathology.

Excessive Pain Killers Can Lead To Death - Mike Walden Research

There are a lot of prescriptions based pain relievers and be in the reach of everyone to kill the aches and pains of everyday life but it is easy to abuse doses more than necessary.

Reached a recent medical study conducted by researchers from the University of Scotland that people can eat a lot of "acetaminophen "It is kind of painkillers famous without realizing it, and sometimes the results are fatal. Explained by chief medical officer at the Institute of Age Management in New York City to take a dose of Tylenol over a period of time may result in that it accumulates in the body, even if it was abuse recommended doses. “Schwartz indicated that switching to another type of painkillers such as "ibuprofen" then the person is risky, such as damaging the liver, and ibuprofen has the additional possibility of causing gastrointestinal bleeding.

Spite of that abuse all NSAIDs can cause damage liver when taken in a manner redundant People take painkillers like candy a day. explained Schwartz that acetaminophen normal each disk by containing 325 mg acetaminophen Fort Contains each disc with 500 mg, and pointed out that the recommended dose or maximum dose of acetaminophen for healthy adults on Over the 24-hour period is 4 grams and damage occurs to the liver when they exceed the dose 7 grams.

Warned that lifestyle unhealthy, then it may be a dose 5 grams is toxic for you and abuse too much alcohol puts pressure on the liver and can increase the risk of failure liver, added that women over the age of 40 may be more likely to suffer from liver damages.

Light Therapy For Patients Of Eye Disease - Mike Walden

Mike Walden author of Avne No More E-book, resource that we cannot imagine living without light, it is essential in our lives, especially in the darkness of the night, he is the source of illumination of the universe and where we cannot view without it, and the new that the light came into the world of medicine through recent studies that revealed the discovery may lead to the cure of diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and mad cow disease through light therapy.

The study added that it can distinguish between concentrations of proteins that are believed to be pathogenic, and the proteins were functioning well in the body using a multi-photon laser technology, according to the site, "Science Daily" on the deployment of scientific research.

The study said "did not speak one on the use of light only in the treatment of these diseases so far. This totally new style, and we believe that this has become is like a leap in the field of research of diseases.

We have found a new way completely to discover these constructs "gatherings protein" using laser light only. “If the protein has been removed gatherings, it is, in principle, would be the disease has been cured. But the problem remains even now in the detection of this protein clusters and removed.

Natural Remedies To Stop Hair Loss By Mike Walden

Genetic disease of baldness in males is more common types of hair loss, but hair loss and baldness may also afflict women. Hair is usually considered an essential part of the human image of him, and became within reach today a solution that will help in preserving the rich head of hair health without suffering the side effects of steroids and drugs for testosterone.

Hair therapy

For each of the asking and looking for healthy hair is a combination non-surgical treatment. The cosmetic dentist pioneer for this treatment, "may make it difficult for men and women cope with hair loss and loss, but it is essential that this problem from becoming a part destiny of their future. This combination therapy achieves amazing results will prevent hair loss, even when those records in their families cases of baldness ".

Uses of latest technology to enhance the formation of blood vessels in the scalp is to which that supports the growth of blood vessels and improves taken oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles through the treatment works on three axes to stimulate hair growth.

Through photodynamic therapy, which is based on a combination of laser treatment and LED light emitting diode (LED) and scalp massage, activates blood circulation at the roots of the hair follicles, so any inflammation may also be a reason to turn unhealthy hair.

Using the "Mesotherapy" Mesotherapy, this treatment nourishes the scalp and follicles and greets her with a compound of high-quality vitamins and food to create a healthy environment in turn stimulates renewed hair growth. It also enhances the oxygenation scalp (providing oxygen) to ensure that oxygen is essential to the hair follicles improves health.

Advised program usually from 4 to 6 therapy sessions to get the best results, but the improvement in hair growth and quality begins to emerge after only a few weeks.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Natural Ways To Eliminate Hair - Mike Walden Research Work

Mike Walden expert of Acne , researched that Use fruit banana or papaya fresh to protect your hair from split ends, so banana peeled or pulsate papaya, peeled after removing the seeds in the minutes of the food, and then blending the fruit with half a cup of yogurt, and massage the scalp and hair mix, and after half an hour, wash your hair thoroughly with warm water until Cleans completely.

Make cosmetic healer and moisturizer for your hair, and by adding a tablespoon of honey into 4 cups of warm water, then use this mix final after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, so you do not your hair again after using this combination, which is characterized by its ability to moisturize your hair and give attractive and shine Accordingly, also has the ability to eliminate dryness and wrinkles hair.
You can manufacture shampoo home from simple components to be used therapeutic problems of the hair and, in particular, pounding the parties, and all strengthen is about 30 grams of rosemary, preferably fresh, but if not available you can use rosemary, dried and soaked in 475 ml of hot water for 20 minutes.
Then Leave the mixture aside to cool slightly, then add to it a tablespoon of yogurt and my heart until complete mixing, and you can then use the mixture in the same way shampoo, normal massage the hair and scalp, and then rinse well with warm water until it becomes hair absolutely spotless, and with attendance this shampoo interchangeably with the usual shampoo your hair you'll get a healthy and attractive free.

You can use the fruit ripe avocado as a kind of decent bathroom, so mash well, then put it on your hair a little wet, and make sure to cover your hair completely particular parties.

Leave the avocado on your hair for a period ranging between 15 and 30 minutes, then rinse your hair thoroughly until it becomes absolutely spotless, and you can add a tablespoon of olive oil to avocado before you put on your hair, which is characterized by olive oil ability enormous moisturize the hair and impart luster and vitality to it.

Restore Beauty And Attractiveness - Mike Walden Research

Mike Walden, an expert researcher of Acne revealed that a Women think that after having children fading hope of any access to the strength of the svelte and taut belly, but the mothers of Hollywood have proven the opposite. Here Madam some of those tips from Hollywood celebrities that help restore the beauty and attractiveness of your body.

Angelina Jolie
The production of milk requires a lot of energy; since breastfeeding burns stored fat, and helps mothers lose weight gained during pregnancy. To get rid of the weight gained during pregnancy can chase children and meet their needs to make women more active, and despite the fact that Julie does not have routine official sport, but they sometimes take classes in Pilates, and helped her as well as breastfeeding, which may burn up to 500 calories a day to regain fitness facility.  Trying Angelina eating a healthy diet contains a lot of vegetables and fruits, which does not believe in depriving herself of food. They actually eat all the time, but they do everything in moderation, and dealing with popcorn without butter as a snack, and drink tea ginger root, which helps you lose weight naturally. Says Angelina: "Marcy yoga. Increasing the practice of yoga help you lose weight that has been gained during pregnancy. Gentle stretching loosens the laces tight, which came under great pressure during the past nine months. Muscle strength and increase gradually. "

Jennifer Lopez

Replace soda daily water with lemon. has lost Lopez some weight exercise treadmill light in the first four months after birth, but the actress then decided to start exercise Avenue; where she runs a distance of four miles, and swim half a mile, and practiced dialect ride 18 miles after nearly seven months of birth. Lopez and practiced exercise of 45 minutes to two hours a day, four to six days a week. Lopez was dealing with a health food, but do not follow a specific diet. Are advised to eat five to seven meals a day, eat a big breakfast and brunch, lunch, medium and small dinner. Nor favored stop eating carbohydrates, especially when you exercise hard, but try eating natural foods and closest to the sources of organic as much as possible. Choose a baked potato instead of French fries, for example, that, and eat an apple instead of apple juice.

Jessica Alba
Eat sufficient amounts of water helped me to breastfeed naturally, and to maintain the supply of milk and a feeling of satiety between meals, basic and snacks.

1 - Talk with your doctor before starting a workout to ensure that your body is ready for it.
2 - Look at your surroundings for lessons in yoga after birth. They are specially designed for new mothers, may also be a place to meet friends.
3 - Experts say that you have to wait 6 weeks after giving birth to start exercise, and 8 weeks if you performed cesarean delivery.