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Monday, 3 February 2014

Light Therapy For Patients Of Eye Disease - Mike Walden

Mike Walden author of Avne No More E-book, resource that we cannot imagine living without light, it is essential in our lives, especially in the darkness of the night, he is the source of illumination of the universe and where we cannot view without it, and the new that the light came into the world of medicine through recent studies that revealed the discovery may lead to the cure of diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and mad cow disease through light therapy.

The study added that it can distinguish between concentrations of proteins that are believed to be pathogenic, and the proteins were functioning well in the body using a multi-photon laser technology, according to the site, "Science Daily" on the deployment of scientific research.

The study said "did not speak one on the use of light only in the treatment of these diseases so far. This totally new style, and we believe that this has become is like a leap in the field of research of diseases.

We have found a new way completely to discover these constructs "gatherings protein" using laser light only. “If the protein has been removed gatherings, it is, in principle, would be the disease has been cured. But the problem remains even now in the detection of this protein clusters and removed.

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