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Monday, 3 February 2014

Excessive Pain Killers Can Lead To Death - Mike Walden Research

There are a lot of prescriptions based pain relievers and be in the reach of everyone to kill the aches and pains of everyday life but it is easy to abuse doses more than necessary.

Reached a recent medical study conducted by researchers from the University of Scotland that people can eat a lot of "acetaminophen "It is kind of painkillers famous without realizing it, and sometimes the results are fatal. Explained by chief medical officer at the Institute of Age Management in New York City to take a dose of Tylenol over a period of time may result in that it accumulates in the body, even if it was abuse recommended doses. “Schwartz indicated that switching to another type of painkillers such as "ibuprofen" then the person is risky, such as damaging the liver, and ibuprofen has the additional possibility of causing gastrointestinal bleeding.

Spite of that abuse all NSAIDs can cause damage liver when taken in a manner redundant People take painkillers like candy a day. explained Schwartz that acetaminophen normal each disk by containing 325 mg acetaminophen Fort Contains each disc with 500 mg, and pointed out that the recommended dose or maximum dose of acetaminophen for healthy adults on Over the 24-hour period is 4 grams and damage occurs to the liver when they exceed the dose 7 grams.

Warned that lifestyle unhealthy, then it may be a dose 5 grams is toxic for you and abuse too much alcohol puts pressure on the liver and can increase the risk of failure liver, added that women over the age of 40 may be more likely to suffer from liver damages.

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