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Monday, 3 February 2014

Brain Injuries Threaten The Patient's Life - Mike's Research

Scientists said that permanent changes occur in the brain among those wounded severely in the head, such as that sustained by Michael Schumacher, the former world champion in motor racing Formula 1, making them more susceptible to dementia and early death.

Experts said the brain that most medical institutions have failed to see the link between the wounds caused by the brain injury and the consequences of mentality in the long run may make patients fall prey to depression, behavioral problems and even crime.

Might be Schumacher luckier because Champion Athletic Three surrounded by his family and friends and doctors, but changes will occur on the brain and he will have to accept them and adapt them.

Study found that published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the survivors of the wounds caused by brain injuries are three times more likely to die early and often death occurs as a result of suicide or fatal accidents. The specific reasons for the increase risk of premature death - and as you know the study of death before the age of 56 years - is not clear.

Also becomes the survivors of the wounds caused by traumatic brain injury three times more likely to die from fatal injuries may be due to a defect in the judgment or reactions. In addition to this it becomes
infected more susceptible to disorder myself, such as depression and anxiety, which could lead to difficulties in handling patients with new situations and organize their lives.

Spoke wounds caused by traumatic brain injury as a result of a blow to the head lead to a skull fracture or internal bleeding or loss of consciousness for more than an hour or these symptoms all together.

Experts say the traditional causes of this type of wounds, including road accidents, fall and sports injuries, although the injury Schumacher, which occurred when bumped his head a rock while skiing in the French Alps example of this type of wound.

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