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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Natural Ways To Eliminate Hair - Mike Walden Research Work

Mike Walden expert of Acne , researched that Use fruit banana or papaya fresh to protect your hair from split ends, so banana peeled or pulsate papaya, peeled after removing the seeds in the minutes of the food, and then blending the fruit with half a cup of yogurt, and massage the scalp and hair mix, and after half an hour, wash your hair thoroughly with warm water until Cleans completely.

Make cosmetic healer and moisturizer for your hair, and by adding a tablespoon of honey into 4 cups of warm water, then use this mix final after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, so you do not your hair again after using this combination, which is characterized by its ability to moisturize your hair and give attractive and shine Accordingly, also has the ability to eliminate dryness and wrinkles hair.
You can manufacture shampoo home from simple components to be used therapeutic problems of the hair and, in particular, pounding the parties, and all strengthen is about 30 grams of rosemary, preferably fresh, but if not available you can use rosemary, dried and soaked in 475 ml of hot water for 20 minutes.
Then Leave the mixture aside to cool slightly, then add to it a tablespoon of yogurt and my heart until complete mixing, and you can then use the mixture in the same way shampoo, normal massage the hair and scalp, and then rinse well with warm water until it becomes hair absolutely spotless, and with attendance this shampoo interchangeably with the usual shampoo your hair you'll get a healthy and attractive free.

You can use the fruit ripe avocado as a kind of decent bathroom, so mash well, then put it on your hair a little wet, and make sure to cover your hair completely particular parties.

Leave the avocado on your hair for a period ranging between 15 and 30 minutes, then rinse your hair thoroughly until it becomes absolutely spotless, and you can add a tablespoon of olive oil to avocado before you put on your hair, which is characterized by olive oil ability enormous moisturize the hair and impart luster and vitality to it.

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