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Monday, 3 February 2014

Small Calcifications Onset Breast Cancer - Review By Mike Walden

An Acne Expert Mike Walden also research about “Breast Cancer” and give his reviews that Point’s to calcium that you find in the breast tissue on the body calcifications different types, but they are beginning to develop breast cancer depending on the kind.  To combat breast tumors, that there are two types of calcification (point’s calcium), which calcifications large and small are located within the tissue, and these calcifications were not felt by the physician or the patient is detected by mammogram.

Shows that calcification large not there are any fear and be a result of age, and infect these calcifications about half of all women over the age of fifty years, and infect 10% for those less than the age of fifty, pointing out that these calcifications were not the result of eating large amounts of calcium, but as a result of changes in the body to age.

Adds advisory rays of the breast that calcification small are found in abundance in the first forty years at what age another, where it did not exist the reasons leading to the occurrence they appear inside the channels lactase and its presence leads to renew fast in cells, indicating that the presence of points of calcium small sometimes be a sign of the beginning of breast cancer in the case of the presence of the radiologist analyzed and examined. Indicate that when the show calcifications small clustered in small groups and scattered, it is evidence of the onset of breast cancer, when the existence of these gatherings is the analysis with a needle or by surgery to determine its place by wire Indicative, and in the case of the discovery that the tumor is removed the part that has a Sintering is analyzed glands under the armpit and takes treatment depending on the analysis of Pathology.

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